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How to feed newborn twins

How to feed newborn twins at the same time

How to feed newborn twins at the same time is a big mission. Have you ever wondered what feeding two simultaneously looks like? It’s been tough with twins, I acknowledge. Indeed, I understand how big are your emotions the moment you knew it’s two rather than one. While I got a lot to share with you, I chose this time to write about how to feed two at the same time.  

Feeding pattern and positioning

 Firstly, how to feed newborn twins at the same time might seem like a mission impossible, especially at times when you are alone. Some moms succeed in creating a feeding pattern for their twins. Others still struggling and looking for advice on how to feed newborn twins at the same time. Regardless, twins often feel hungry at the same time as they have almost the same metabolism. For this reason, it is better to be prepared at any time to feed simultaneously.

Here to note, I am only discussing Bottle Feeding. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to breastfeed by twins. It takes some practice, so be patient. 

Secondly, positioning your twins is very essential in getting to feed them simultaneously, whether it was pumped breast milk or formula. I used to position each on a nursing pillow as it has a convenient inclination for feeding.  It is very important to avoid multitasking at this time. For example, if one spits-up, stop feeding both babies to avoid a mess. 


Not every time I had the chance to grab those pillows and sometimes, I employ both legs to position the twins. Absolutely there is no ultimate way and it’s all about convenience. 

The nursing pillow gave me so much confidence in how sturdy it is. Speaking mainly about how to feed newborn twins at the same time in the middle of these long nights.

Burping your newborn twins after feeding

As you get more comfortable with feeding two, you will think next about how to burp two babies. To start with, keep these burp clothes one on each shoulder, as you get ready for feeding. Place one baby over your shoulder while keeping the other on the nursing pillow. Start alternating tapping the back of one, putting him/her back on the pillow, and repeat with the second baby.

 While I don’t believe placing both babies over your shoulders at the same time is safe. If you think of a faster way to burping, place the babies each on one leg and tap their backs. Make sure their heads are up and in a safe position.

Make your baby as comfortable as possible  

Change their diaper beforehand to make them more comfortable to avoid any leaks. You might be lucky most of the time and get not to change diapers after feeding. This is a plus point while feeding at night, as they get to sleep faster after feeding.

Feeding and burping bring the baby closer to you. Take advantage of this quiet time to build a love bond, with the three of you. Talk and sing to your twins while looking into their eyes alternatively. Take the diaper change time to massage their feet and burp time to cuddle up. Trust me they need it to grow faster and smarter.

You will get better

Most moms pregnant with twins feel disquieted by the idea of how to feed newborn twins at the same time. I understand feeding is already a complicated task, and with twins it doesn’t get any easier. Always get everything prepared beforehand and give yourself some time to master it. You will meet your goals eventually and feeding will come easier.

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