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Who we are

Cosset is an online shop offering pregnant women hospital sleepwear and matching newborn sets. We carefully handpick garments and offer a collection of matching maternity sleepwear and newborn sets. Cosset aims to ensure that every bump feels comfortably ready for labor.
Cosset products are nursing friendly and made of 100% cotton high-quality fabric. Pregnancy is a difficult milestone, for that we stand committed to offering the best in care, experience, and services. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping journey with our sets all delivered at your doorstep.
We are so inspired by our customers and take pride in making sure each mother knows exactly what to expect. No need to worry because our checklist is ready and the team is dedicated to provide timely care service and help packing your hospital labor bag.

Mission: Cosset to be the leading niche market provider of a product and service solution for the new mother and newborn.

Vision: We help the new mother and child every step of their way, towards a great new beginning.

Our Story: While shopping with a friend, I discovered the need for one-stop-shop where a mom-to-be can find all she needs to get ready for labor and pack her hospital bag. It was a long process first trying to create a checklist, then finding each article at separate stores, while also comparing prices and quality of products. I then thought, why not create a maternity online concept store, where moms can find all they need to welcome their bundle of joy and experience hassle-free shopping experience. Finding trendy maternity and nursing nightwear is difficult, as choices are limited and collection is very basic and outdated.