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What should I wear during pregnancy?

What should I wear during pregnancy?

Learn pregnancy wardrobe tips from another mom's journey!

What should I wear during pregnancy, a question you might ask if you’ve just found out that you’re expecting. Naturally, pregnancy can be a time of joy and excitement, but it can also be a time of stress and uncertainty, especially when it comes to figuring out what to wear. From the right fabrics to the right fit, choosing the right clothes during your pregnancy can make all the difference in your comfort and overall well-being.

Pregnancy Expectations

Before delving into the topic of what should I wear during pregnancy, it’s essential to understand that your body goes through many changes. Therefore, it's important to choose clothing that will accommodate these changes.

It’s as short as 9 months, while also considering the first 3 months bump-free, and you think you will need a whole new wardrobe. Investing in maternity wear you believe is your only option to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Speaking from an experience of a mom with two past pregnancies, one of which was with twins. I always asked myself what should pregnant women wear to stay comfortable. When I say twins, you can imagine how big my bump was. Luckily, the end of my pregnancy happened to be in spring, so fewer layers were needed.

 Absolutely, I always loved summer dresses and the comfort it gives. But as you can imagine, I got no magic stick to make my regular dresses and smart wear fit a 30-week bump and beyond.

 Denim vs. Legging, who wins in the end?

 When it comes to what should I wear during pregnancy, it’s also so tempting to look stylish in these ribbed mom-fit jeans on days when a pregnancy puts you down. Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy is a no-go. 

Frankly speaking, a few times I ordered and tried on maternity jeans. I bought a few, and non-happened to keep the promise of comfort throughout pregnancy.

Clearly, a no and a big no to maternity jeans, after two pregnancies I’ve come to conclude they really are the worst to wear during pregnancy. Without any doubt, my best friend back then was the stretchy cotton high-waist legging: not a maternity legging, I got mines from Marie France and I’ve worn them constantly, even after pregnancy!

The leggings come super tight on the legs and have a stretchy waist that gives nice coverage and so much comfort for the belly. And this is what I came to call smart wear during pregnancy.

Adding to the above, you may also find plenty of hacks on the web to help you keep used to regular clothes – I know it only works for the end of the second trimester, in the best cases. I used to do the rubber band pants trick while it works with any pants and also your regular jeans.

 On a personal note, I discovered that dressing for pregnancy is way easier than thought. Just sort through your existing wardrobe and pick those clothes that grow with you and allow you to breathe easily.

My Sleep Companion

Now that you have the answer to your question What should I wear during pregnancy, you might also be thinking already about what to pack in your hospital bag. When I had to choose my sets, I wanted something special. Then, I designed the Astre collection and chose to wear the white set of pajamas. It happened to be so breathable and stretchy.

Further, it fits back comfortably your post-baby belly. The pants come with adjustable waistband to easily fit as well. It was just my perfect sleep companion during pregnancy and beyond. 

Finally, what you wear during pregnancy is a matter of personal preference. You may want to choose comfortable and supportive garments that fit your changing body. Consider items that can be easily layered, mixed, and matched, and accommodate your growing belly. Most importantly, choose pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident like this STRAND BLUE SHIRT MATERNITY PAJAMA by Cosset Maternity.